Ankle arthritis is painful and debilitating degeneration of the cartilage of the ankle joint. There are multiple types of arthritis.

THE MOST common is osteoarthritis – THE so called “wear and tear” ARTHRITIS. Arthritis can ALSO form after an injury to the joint. Post- traumatic arthritis is commonly seen by a Podiatrist. Evaluation consists of X-rays, blood test, and further imaging to determine type and extent of arthritis.


Treatment options range from conservative to surgical depending on type of arthritis as well as STAGE.

Treatments consist of injection therapy, braces, anti-inflammatory medication, and surgical intervention when necessary. One of the most common joints effected by arthritis is the ankle. If surgery is needed for ankle arthritis, the options have changed over time. No longer is an ankle fusion always the answer. Newer technology and advancement in replacement has created another option. Total Ankle Replacement has made major advancement and can be the answer for your arthritic ankle.

If you have ankle pain call for an appointment at Foot and Ankle Physicians for evaluation of your ankle.

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